New in Version 2.9: Full Screen Editing and Text Formatting

Posted on 23 Sep 11 by Isaac Keyet

Version 2.9 of WordPress for iOS screenshot with the new HTML format bar and full-screen editing

The new post editor

We’re excited to give you the next major version of WordPress for iOS. The focus of this release is to further improve stability and add a few long-awaited new features.

What’s new?

  • A Feature-Rich Content Editor. Now you can easily format text, make bulleted lists, create links, and do all kinds of other fancy stuff. (It’s about time, right?) Read more
  • Full Screen Editing. No more teeny-weeny content editor — now you can view more text at a time while you post on the go. Read more
  • Reading Made Easy. Keeping track of your favorite blogs has never been easier. Browse all the latest posts on blogs you follow in one place, right from your iPhone. Read more (no pun intended!)

Updated features

  • Quick Photo will now use the post format for images (if your theme supports it).
  • You can now post pictures that you’ve already taken with Quick Photo.
  • Your stats referrer links and comment links can now be opened right from this app.

Version 2.9 also includes numerous other bug fixes and improvements not listed here. For a full list, visit the 2.9 Trac milestone.

A Feature-Rich Content Editor

WordPress for iOS 2.9 HTML Format Bar

Having the ability to easily style text, • create • lists, and add links has been requested since version 1.0 of WordPress for iOS. While you could type the tags manually, and use the elusive “Link Helper” feature to create links, it was not optimal.

In 2.9, a format bar is added on top of your regular keyboard that mimics the look and feel of the keys you’ve become so familiar with. Select some text, press a formatting button, and bam! The text is wrapped with the proper tags. If you don’t select any text, both the opening and end tag will be output and the cursor placed in the middle. Easy-peasy!

The format bar is enabled for both the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and adjusted to the respective keyboards and device rotation. Try turning your iPhone to landscape mode when editing a post! The bar will shrink in size to give you more space to write on.

Full Screen Editing

WordPress for iOS 2.9 - Full Screen EditingYour phone has a relatively small screen. When writing a blog post, a large portion of it is taken up by the keyboard itself. While you’re not likely to write an 8,000 word post on your phone, wouldn’t it be great to get just a little more space? In 2.9, the top navigation is hidden, giving you more space to write on. This is particularly useful in landscape mode, where space is even more limited.

When the post is ready to go, just press Done on the format bar and you’ll be right back in the Post editor.

Reading Made Easy

WordPress for iOS Read

Follow your favorite blogs on the go!

If you have one or more blogs in your WordPress for iOS app you’ll now see a Read button in the blogs list. This is the fastest way to keep up with posts from blogs you’re following on Here’s how it works: if you go to any blog and click the Follow button, you’ll not only get email notifications about new posts from that blog, they’ll also show up right in the app!

You can manage the blogs you’re following in your dashboard, where you can even add external RSS feeds.

Don’t follow many blogs yet? In the app’s “Read” screen you’ll also find Freshly Pressed, listing the some of the most interesting posts from around the network. Or you can tap the little arrow button and select from a multitude of interesting topics, such as Art, Technology, Books, and many more.

This Read function is in Beta and will be improved over time, so we’d very much like to hear what you like about it and what you’d want to see next! Post a comment below or reach out to us on Twitter.

What’s next?

While we’re very proud of this release, we’re not resting! We’re currently in the planning stages of WordPress for iOS 3.0 which is going to be the biggest update to the WordPress for iOS app since its birth. The plan is to take an overall look at where the app is, and streamline it for what you use it for the most.

A more imminent update is coming shortly, with updated strings for numerous languages. If you’d like to help us translate the WordPress for iOS app into your native language, check out the translation project.

So, how do you like 2.9 – and what do you expect from 3.0?

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29 Responses to “New in Version 2.9: Full Screen Editing and Text Formatting”

  1. David Kingsbury

    Thanks for the update – I’ll get it installed shortly.

    The two things I’d like to see in version 3.0 are support for other post formats (quote, link, etc.) and the ability to set a featured image from the mobile app.

    Cheers, DK

  2. Ken

    Looks great! And finally the default tab is my posts, not comments. Thank you!

  3. Stephane Daury

    Stephane Daury reblogged this from tekArtist and commented:

    The rich text editing truly is the killer feature for me! Congrats to the mobile team. :)

  4. Nick

    Great update. I really like Quick Photo using the image post format.

    Captions in WordPress for iOS 3.0?

  5. Jessica

    I can’t wait to update my app! I love the new space and rich content editor, makes blogging so much easier now.

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  7. Berniesr

    I like the look and feel if this version , particularly the new editing space. However the app fell over on the first use when I tried to upload a photo. It froze completely and I had to shut it down, such is life.
    The app does get better with each release.

  8. g

    Please support 3.1.2 again please! I have an unlocked iPhone in my country that I got secondhand because they are way too expensive in here, and if I upgrade it will get locked = unusable…


    1. Isaac Keyet

      Sorry to hear this. We’re not updating the app to new iOS versions to lock people out, instead it’s needed to keep improving on speed and stability – and we have to upgrade sometime or the app would become very much out of date.

  9. Gus Indra

    Downloading… Thanks WP team, u rock! ^^

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  11. Aliticx

    I wish there will be a built in browser so we can access to sites like youtube and embd videos without getting out of the app. And the ability to change font color then wordpress would be awesome!

  12. Stefan

    Great for the iPhone, but the same old crap with the iPad Version.

    Where is fullscreen for iPad? Whats wrong with this app?
    You have writing in landscape Mode for iPad too, but you can’t use it that way because its damm joke of it.

    Would you fix that in Version 3.0?

    1. Isaac Keyet

      There are only going to be slight updates for the iPad in 3.0, at least that’s the plan right now. We simply don’t have enough resources to work on the iPad app specifically in this iteration.

  13. Daniel Bachhuber

    Post format and gallery support, please :)

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  18. Reporteapple

    I upgrade but I can’t upload photos with my iPhone 4 iOS 4.3.5.
    I hope a new version comes without the problem. Greetings.

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  21. Sherman Bausch

    Thanks for all the work on this! I’m glad you guys have added the ability to quickly tag (bold, italic, lists, etc) text but my question is this: will there ever be a WYSIWYG rich text editor? Someone commenting earlier called this update a rich text editor but it’s not.

    I have a lot of authors on a lot of sites who would love to hit “bold” and see their text bolded rather than tagged. Is this a limitation of the iPad or something that’s planned?

    1. Isaac Keyet

      The HTML editor toolbar is a nice option that we were able to implement relatively quickly, so that’s what we did. We’ve been holding out for an a new iOS version to finally add a full-fledged WYSIWYG because building it yourself is basically as complicated as game programming – and we have to prioritize.

      We agree with you though, I think we all crave that visual editor. In the meantime, we hope the HTML editor can hold you all over.

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  24. Eva Wieselgren

    I can not upload photos with 2.9 to a self hosted blog, I get an error message “blog sending invalid data”. It works fine with 2.8.


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